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Calling all friends, families, and those who just love getting their hands dirty – Mud Up Day is just for you!

Organised and run by The Ideas Library, Mud Up Day is for obstacle enthusiasts, mudpie makers, avid observers, outdoorsy folk and those who just like trying new things.

This is NOT your average mud run!

Mud Up Day will include three early runs for the adults who love the obstacles and just want to have a bit of fun, one run for the adults who want to take on the obstacles with their children as well as three dedicated childrens run for those who simply can’t pass up a good mud puddle!

On January 16th, 2016 Peninsula Obstacle Course will be transformed into Mud Up Day, where you can test your skills in a non-timed environment meaning it’s all about fun without the pressure.

Mud Up Day is one of the few obstacle challenge events that has been approved to be safe for children. That’s great news for kids 5 years and older as they can team up with their friends, siblings and family to get mucky. And the best news is that proceeds from the RSPCA children’s runs will benefit RSPCA Victoria, a non-government, community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

Mud Up Day will also have (some) coffee and food truck options on the day!

The 4.5km obstacle course is located just off Peninsula Link on Tyabb Road in Mornington and is only 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

With 36 obstacles, this Mud Up Day is an exciting way to challenge yourself no matter your age or experience.

Tickets are available at early bird rates from $65 for adults and $40 for children 13 and under.

Parking onsite is a gold coin donation on the day!

For more information about RSPCA Victoria, visit:

For more information about other events organised by The Ideas Library visit:



Adult ticket EARLY BIRD  – $65.00 + b/f
(14 years or older. Ticket includes mandatory insurance cover and completion medal)

Adult ticket – $80.00 + b/f
(14 years or older. Ticket includes mandatory insurance cover and completion medal)

Big & Little EARLY BIRD – $90.00 + b/f
(1 x Adult plus 1 x 5-13years child only. Ticket includes mandatory insurance cover and completion medal)

Big & Little – $110.00 + b/f
(1 x Adult plus 1 x 5-13years child only. Ticket includes mandatory insurance cover and completion medal)

Kids run – $40.00
(5-13 years. Ticket includes mandatory insurance cover and completion medal)

CAR PARKING – Gold coin donation!

Purchase tickets by clicking here!



The Run:

1. What can I expect at Mud Up Day?
A whole lot of muddy fun. It’s a great day out where friends and families can enjoy the course in a non-competitive, non-timed environment. Unless you’re naturally competitive with your fellow racers, then it’s game on!

2. Is there a time limit to finish the race?
Yes, no longer than 2 hours. However, it’s all for fun and 2 hours will alow even someone who walked the whole course plenty of time to finish!

3. How long is the course and how many obstacles are there?
There’s 36 obstacles all up and the course is 4.5km long. Trust us, it’ll fly by. However if you are really keen to know, it generally takes the average person around 60-80 minutes to complete.

4. What are the obstacles?
Obstacles in the course are designed to be moderately challenging but not impossible. We can’t reveal exactly what’s on the course because it’ll ruin the fun, but you’ll get at least 36 chances to conquer a range of challenges.

5. How fit should I be to do it?
If you can walk and climb, you’re fit enough. The course has been approved for children so don’t be shy!


Booking Info:

1. Where do I book?
Right on this eventbrite page!

2. How much are tickets and what does it include?
All ticket prices/information are specified on this page

3. Can I attend as an observer without booking in to race?
Yep, you sure can. Enjoy the food and snap some great photos of your muddy mates when they return from racing! However please remember your gold coin donation for parking.

4. Can observers walk through the race?
Unless you are a registered adult accompanying a child in one of the kids runs, then sadly, no. All spectators must wish their racers well and meet them at the finish line for muddy celebration hugs and high fives!

5.  I already have health insurance, why is there a fee?
There is an insurance fee that is required for all racers. This accounts for your contribution towards the cost associated with the insurance procured by the venue as well as the event. While the course is very safe, this insurance is required by law.

6. Can I do the race with my child?
Certainly can, that’s what our BIG & LITTLE race is for! It gives you a ticket for 1 Adult and 1 child. Tickets are limited so get yours now!

7. Can I register as a group?
Certainly can!

8. I have to cancel my ticket, can I get a refund?
Nope sorry, no refunds. The event takes place rain or shine.

9. Can I change my run time after I’ve booked?
Nope sorry, no changes.

10. Are you going to sell any last minute tickets through groupon, living social or other discount sites?

11. Why are tickets more expensive than last year?
Tickets now include a completion medal!

At The Event:
Please note you CANNOT purchase tickets on site.

1. What do I do when I arrive?
Please arrive at least half hour prior to your booked run time to ensure you’re ready to run. If you’re a racer, take your ticket to registration to be ticked off and sign your race wavier. No waiver = no run.

2. Is there more to do than the mud run?
There will be (some) food trucks on site and a play area for the kids!

3.What if I miss my time?
If you miss your allocated time, return to registration to see if you can be allocated into a later run time. Please note we cannot guarantee another race time will be available and you may (i.e. there’s a good chance you will) miss out altogether without refund. So please ensure you do your very best to arrive on your allocated time.

4. What should I bring?
A picnic blanket to relax on the day, before or after your race. Your ticket to race and a sense of adventure. Some clean (dry) clothes and a towel for after your race. And damp cleansing towels like baby wipes, etc. are worth their weight in gold for cleaning up post race and don’t forget the sunscreen too!

5. Can I bring pets?
Yes, however they MUST be on a leash :)

6. Is there a bag check area?
We are able to keep keys/wallets & mobile phones only. NO BAGS.

7. Are there showers and change rooms onsite?
There are very limited shower facilities (i.e. outdoor shower hoses) onsite. Very limited. Bring a change of clean clothes and a plastic bag for your muddy ones. Clever racers also remember beach towels to change ala beach carpark style and to cover their car seats on the way home (don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

8. What happens if it rains?
Seriously? It’s mud. Race on.

9. Is there parking onsite?
Yes, there is. Parking is charged at a gold coin donation :)

10. Will the event be muddier than last year? I want to get really dirty! 
Please keep in mind that we can’t make it crazy muddy due to insurance purposes, we don’t want anyone hurting themselves unintentionally due to slipping over. We can promise however that this time we’re gonna make some of the obstacles as muddy as we’re allowed.

11. Can I volunteer on the day?
OH MY GOODNESS, YES! Thanks for asking. Volunteers get all of our appreciation and a free ticket to run the obstacle course (all you have to pay for is the insurance which is $25+b/f). To volunteer purchase your ticket below and we’ll be in touch with all the information the second we get notified of purchase!!

12. Can I bring my food truck to sell my stuff on the day?
Yes you can, however spots are limited and it is charged per site. Spots are extremely limited. Email us for more info at with the subject line TO MARKET TO MARKET




Could you be any more of a champion? We think not!

Volunteers are able to purchase a ‘ Volunteer ticket’ on the Eventbrite ticket page, this will cover your mandatory insurance on the day.



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